Healthy Habits for Fall 2020

With life’s current state of unknowns still making us feel like we’re searching for a sense of balance, it’s so important to create and maintain some healthy habits. What better time to start those new habits than right now! Here is a list of doable, healthy habits that will make you feel more balanced, relaxed, and stress-free throughout this season of fall.

Have a morning routine

  • make your bed each morning
  • take 10 minutes to relax without your phone
  • soak up some sunlight
  • exercise before heading to work or starting your day
  • journal 5 things you’re grateful for

Drink more water throughout your day!

Eat healthy, wholesome meals!

Pick one day this month to do something for YOU!  Book a massage or facial.

Be kind to yourself.

DO SOMETHING new and fun!

Go for a scenic fall drive, sip on hot apple cider, make some hot cocoa, and watch a cute movie or go apple picking with the kids or your significant other!

Have a nighttime routine

  • read instead of watching TV
  • wash your face
  • hug your family
  • journal 5 amazing things that happened that day

Remember you’re doing a great job!

You don’t need to tackle all of these healthy habit suggestions. Just pick one or two that seem doable for you and your family, and see if you don’t find yourself feeling more relaxed and stress-free this fall season.