The Importance of Timing in Massage Therapy

Getting a massage has many wonderful benefits; it will help you feel more relaxed and release your muscle tension. A massage can also help reduce stress and allow you to return to work calmer and more centered. When thinking about getting a massage, it is important to be aware of timing. You need to think carefully about when you’re getting that massage to get the best possible results.

Schedule More Than One Massage a Week If you are trying to overcome a specific problem such as a neck or shoulder injury, your best bet is to get more than one massage a week. Doing so can help you really see improvements that can make you feel better. A massage therapist can work on that injury for a month in order to help it heal. One session once a week may not be enough to get the kind of improvement you really want.

Get a Massage After You Exercise Exercise helps you look and feel better. Getting a massage in conjunction with an exercise can really help you ramp up your routine and get you into great shape. The important thing is to time the massage right; you should aim to get the massage after you exercise rather than before. This way your muscles will have the chance to cool down under the supervision of an expert.

Allow Time to Heal If you’ve recently had problems as a result of an accident, you need to allow yourself time to heal before you begin massage therapy. Massage therapy can increase blood flow to your affected body part and speed healing. However, you need to make sure you’re on the right healing path first. Too much massage done too soon can actually aggravate your problem and make things worse. You want to allow enough time to heal. Consult with your doctor and find out when you should start massage therapy.

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